…a Firefox extension for the GameFAQs message boards.

Install GameFOX (version; released 2012 October 11; supports Firefox ≥3.6 and SeaMonkey ≥2.1)

Features include quick account switching, multiple signatures, quick post and quoting, topic and message highlighting, international time and date formats, and lots of other small improvements. Screenshots and user reviews can be found at

However, due to GameFAQs updates, many of these features are either redundant or partially broken. You're welcome to keep using GameFOX if you can ignore these problems. If you're a hacker and are interested in fixing them, you can do that, too. The source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.0.

Snapshots of pre-release code are also available. They usually contain new features and bug fixes, but aren't as polished as the current release.


Brian Marshall (Karamthulhu on GameFAQs) is the current maintainer. Andrianto Effendy (ZeroAnt), Michael Ryan (RockMFR), Toad King and Abdullah A (ultimategamer00, the original author) are the previous developers, and they made significant contributions. Credits for included CSS themes written by other people can be found in the about window of the add-on. Thanks to everyone for their hard work over the years!