GameFOX is a Firefox extension for the GameFAQs message boards that adds many features such as multiple signatures, quick account switching, topic and message highlighting, international time and date formatting, and other improvements.

Due to GameFAQs updates, it no longer works correctly and is not actively developed. The last release, GameFOX (2012-10-11), is still available, as well as the more recent pre-release and source code.


Brian Marshall (Karamthulhu on GameFAQs) is the current maintainer. Andrianto Effendy (ZeroAnt), Michael Ryan (RockMFR), Toad King and Abdullah A (ultimategamer00, the original author) are the previous developers, and they made significant contributions. Credits for included CSS themes written by other people can be found in the about window of the add-on. Thanks to everyone for their hard work over the years!